Marketing That Rocks Philosophy

The goal of Marketing That Rocks is to provide quality, practical, digital marketing tactics to internet entrepreneurs at affordable prices. Most digital marketing content on the web is too generic, and omits advice that you can actually apply for your e-business. Marketing That Rocks is on a mission to change that by providing real-world digital marketing advice to internet entrepreneurs. It will do this by staying true to the following core principles:

1) Publish ONLY practical digital marketing principles: As a busy entrepreneur, handling your marketing campaigns is a time consuming task. Therefore, you don’t need to read through BS guides that leaves you with more questions than answers. NO! What you need are tested and deeply researched information that you can apply on your on websites.

2) Cutting edge digital marketing strategies: We understand that as an internet entrepreneur you’re on a mission to create a company that helps consumers while also helping you obtain financial independence. Therefore, our job is to always stay on top of the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies and then deliver it to you. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and with the right knowledge you can create an internet presence that fuels the growth of your online business.

3) Be set for life: We’re not interested in black hat strategies or any other short term digital marketing approaches. Our philosophy is to shoot for the long run as that’s what will help have you set for life. Easy come, easy go… so no cheap gimmicky strategies. We like our digital marketing strategies the way we like our food. Free of chemicals, artificial colors, and anything toxic.

4) No internet marketing BS: This includes no income claims, false promises, BS sales material, or the typical lies that came with the internet marketing industry. It’s time to move on from the seedy past of the internet marketing industry in which so-called gurus habitually promised the world only to deliver a big pile of steamy do-do. No toxic digital marketing methods in our products or our promotional materials, EVER.